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  • 07/01Proespera
  • 10/02Kalamos
  • 23/02Saint Polikarpos
  • 25/03Mavriannou
  • 23/04Amalou
  • 14/05karkinagri
  • 12/06Tragostasi
  • 24/06Saint John
  • 29/06Pezi
  • 29/06Platani
  • 01/07Loutropolis
  • 01/07Karavostamo
  • 07/07Armiridas
  • 15/07Saint Kirikou
  • 17/07Saint Marinas
  • 17/07Arethousa
  • 20/07Glareda
  • 20/07Profiti Elia
  • 20/07Miliopo
  • 26/07Ξυλοσύρτη
  • 26/07Perdiki
  • 26/07Karkinagri
  • 26/07Petropouli
  • 26/07Karavostamo
  • 27/07Saint Panteleimona
  • 31/07Saint Dimitrio
  • 06/08Oxe
  • 06/08Christ
  • 06/08Frantato
  • 15/08Hrisostomos
  • 15/08Marmaria Panagia
  • 15/08Perdiki
  • 15/08Monokampi
  • 15/08Lagada
  • 15/08Akamatra
  • 15/08Kossoikia
  • 17/08Karavostamo
  • 27/08Maratho
  • 27/08Saint Panteleimona
  • 27/08Mandria
  • 29/08Mavratos
  • 08/09Plagia
  • 17/09Monokabi
  • 17/09Kremasti
  • 26/10Saint Dimitrios

  • ** Do not forget to visit the fish festival at Port Karavostamo in early August. **

    Afanis is an Easter custom in the village Karavostamo. It is almost identical to the pile that is in the villages of St. Kirikos. The difference is that we do not have a lot in every village, but there are two piles in the same village. The village is effectively split into up and down both sides competing in what will make the biggest pile. In contrast to the old days that burned and missing two while the Resurrection, today burnt the first silent on Saturday time will mean that the bells Risen Christ and the second evening of Easter Sunday.

Usefull phone numbers
Area Code: 22750
Town Hall: 22298, 24022
Hospital: 22330, 22336
Doctor: 22477
Pharmacy: 22212, 22989
Police: 22222, 22944
Port: 22207
Fire Brigade: 22225
Post Office: 22413
Phone Company: 22399

Geographical location and morphology.
Highslide JSIkaria is one of the largest islands in the eastern Aegean Sea, 255 sq km in size with 102 miles (160 km) coastline and its population is 8312 inhabitants (2001 census). The topography presents contradictions, and showing bare slopes and cliffs. The island is mountainous for the most part. Apart from normal animals, only a few herds of sheep and goats display (free-range, called "raska"), disturbing the tranquility of the island, the bells are in their throat. The climate is mild Ikaria.
Historical Evolution.
Highslide JSIkaria has inhabited since 7000 BC, when Neolithic pre-Greek people that the Greeks called Pelasgians. Greeks from Miletus colonized Ikaria establishing facilities in the area now known as Campos, which they called Enoe for wine. Ikaria was joined by Samos and became part of the maritime empire of Polycrates. At that time the temple of Artemis at Nas, on the northeast corner of the island. Typical employment Ikarioton from the late 19th century until the mid-20th century was the production and marketing of charcoal. "Kompanies" Ikarioton traveled for months first in Asia Minor and after 1922 in various regions of Greece for this purpose. Then the great migration in the U.S., and truncate the restricted activity.
Highslide JSThe island and surrounding ocean, according to legend, named after the son of Daedalus, Icarus, who fell around here, when the sun melted the wax wings. In ancient times it was called Dolichni and wine (for its abundance of wine).

Highslide JSIkaria is characterized by the wild beauty. Dense vegetation, high mountains, rivers, ravines, but above all the beautiful beaches. Endless sandy beaches captivate and awe-inspiring. On the south side of Kirikos find beaches Saw, Lefkada, the Xylosyrti the Lighthouse, the one in Drakanon, ceramic and Therma. To the north, near the Evdilos in planting at Flèche, the ceramic in Cypress, Plain-Wine and Karavostamo while in the area of Rachon Gialiskari, the Mesachti the Lawn, the Nash.
Natural Spa.
Highslide JSThe springs of Icaria are among the most radioactive sources in the world. Belong to the superheated radioactive alipigon, differing among themselves as to the amount of radioactivity and thermokrasias. The waters of Ikaria be adequate to treat the following conditions:

Sunset in Armenistis-Ikaria We urge you to follow the endless trails, to explore the wealth of our island, enjoy the deep blue seas and at the end of a hearty day to return to your room ... Enjoy the sunset, sip from our local wine, ouzo, try the local delicacies, chat with the head of accommodation and other guests ...